New Era College is proud to launch EdgeFX STEM Kits, a total solution that incorporates STEM Kits for various age groups.

EdgeFX is a real-time, real-world application with open-ended experiments, bringing to life the harmony between software and hardware. Our STEM Kits can be programmed using various industry-standard coding languages.

The Secret Sauce of EdgeFX

Our solution is supported by a Tinkering Lab, a curriculum based, experiential learning platform that connects STEM learners to a global Tinkering network. The Tinkering Lab lets students learn, at first supervised and eventually on their own.

Producing Industrious Learners

Our STEM Kits will give learners a “real feel” of what technology (robotics, electronics and programming) is and what actually happens beneath the surface of the machinery and devices we use in our everyday lives. The open-ended experiential approach to learning cultivates vital innovation and problem-solving skills. These skills are harnessed by allowing students to DIY – do it yourself, an approach to learning that is uncommon at primary school level, but essential for learners to succeed in later years.

Something for Everyone

EdgeFX is an open-ended solution that facilitates multiple experiments at multiple levels, from beginner to advanced, by using the very same components in electronics, robotics, and programming. The idea behind EdgeFX is to encourage learners to play and tinker with the components and promote innovation and experimentation. The STEM Kits we offer are versatile. Educators will not need to purchase additional kits as learners advance. The kits used in primary and secondary school classrooms are the same ones used in university labs, saving educators a lot down the road.

EdgeFX gives learners the chance to develop into confident, innovative, problem-solving thinkers.

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