About Us

STEM Kits Botswana was established in 2018 to deliver on STEM education and training supplying STEM kits and establishing innovation centres known as Tinkering Labs.

Tinkering Labs are innovative, open-ended curriculum-based labs that allow learners of all ages and aptitudes to engage through guided and unguided programmes with the support of STEM-trained instructors. The STEM Education and training programme is customisable for all ages and learners including:

  • Primary schools
  • Junior Secondary schools
  • Senior Secondary schools
  • Brigades
  • Colleges
  • Universities

STEM Kits Botswana has partnered with EdgeFX, an education technology company with over 20 years of experience in the education and training industry. Their products are found in over 50 countries worldwide. EdgeFX Kits are developed by industry professionals and are validated in universities and industries across the globe.

Our STEM Kits cover a broad range of topics including  Electronics, Electrical, Embedded Systems and Communication, including some of the latest and popular technologies in areas such as IoT, Android, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi that cater to learners at primary, secondary, and tertiary school levels.

Our STEM solutions also cater to brigades, colleges and universities with advanced projects and innovation kits to harness the necessary skills and practical experiences that elevate engineering, technology, and science-related courses.

The STEM education programme explores STEM principles through practical learning. The exposure and education facilitated through the Tinkering Lab model will go a long way in ensuring that future generations gain the skills and knowledge to excel in STEM-related fields, driving growth and innovation.

Tinkering Labs are used to enhance learning in Science and Technology. STEM Kits Botswana is using this innovative and effective learning tool to form a solid foundation and a deeper understanding of STEM principles among learners of all ages.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to ensure that every student entering the education system in Botswana has the opportunity to learn, explore and develop an acute comprehension in STEM. The STEM education programme will be delivered by STEM-trained engineers using a Train-the-Trainer progamme which focuses on training school teachers and aspiring STEM instructors the fundamentals of the programme. As learners progress in the programme, they too can enroll in the Train-theTrainer programme, ensuring that a peer-to-peer legacy-learning approach is facilitated.

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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is the modern multidisciplinary approach to learning, understanding and contributing to the technologically-advanced world we live in. Through the introduction and focus of STEM programmes in schools and universities, learners and more importantly, the future engineers and scientists of tomorrow will absorb and apply the necessary skills and training needed to support and drive innovation within their communities.

So how do we create an innovative platform that will propel our children into the future of STEM while equipping them with the necessary interest, passion and skills they will need? 

The answer is simple – STEM KITS

STEM Kits encourage students to tinker and experiment with real-world STEM applications and solutions that facilitate practical experience and learning. The STEM Kits are easy to use, self-explanatory, curriculum-based, and enhance life and creative skills, empowering learners to develop strong problem-solving and analytical skills through a practical, experiential and innovative mode of learning.

With multiple projects, experiments, learning material and online resources available, EdgeFX STEM Kits promote innovation through project-based, practical learning that can be done at home or at school.

  • Do it Yourself (DIY)

    The DIY approach captivates students’ attention through learning and experimenting with real world problems and applications in the fields of STEM. DIY encourages learners to apply and improve their problem-solving and analytical skills in an exciting way introduced to all ages in  classrooms and homes across Botswana.