November 2018

New Era College joined delegates from the African region at the 2018 Regional Conference for Mathematics, Science & Technology Education in Africa (COMSTEDA 16) organised by the Ministry of Basic Education (MOBE)  in collaboration with Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education-Africa (SMASE) Africa. The conference, themed: Teacher Professional Development in Africa: Knowledge, Skills and Values in STEM Learning Environments, saw delegates from different countries including Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and many more coming together to deliberate on issues pertaining to STEM. 

New Era College, as a training provider of Engineering Programmes, saw it fitting to showcase a solution to the STEM-related topics that would be discussed at the Conference. Therefore NEC attended the conference to introduce the EdgeFX STEM Kits, in order to empower students to innovate, and help the MOBE to deliver 21st century education.

The Minister of Basic Education Hon. Bagalatia Arone officiated the conference, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Basic Education and SMASE AFRICA and launched the SMASE Africa Journal. The Association has 27 member states, including Botswana, and is headquartered in Kenya.  

New Era College presented the EdgeFX DIY STEM Kits to help the country address STEM challenges. This unique pre-engineering training program is for primary, junior and secondary school levels across Botswana and targets students between the ages of 8 to 18, with the hopes of exposing and integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) principles supported by a practical approach to learning. NEC is confident that the exposure and education facilitated through this innovative tool through Tinkering Labs will go a long way in ensuring that future generations gain knowledge needed to excel in STEM.

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