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The STEM Club offers after-school STEM programs by establishing clubs in schools that equip learners with practical competencies and knowledge in electronics, programming and robotics. Weekly sessions are designed to take learners through progressively complex concepts, projects and prototyping designed to prepare young minds for the 4th industrial revolution workforce. Contact your school to join the STEM Club or enquire with STEM Kits Botswana today!

STEM CLUB is a hub for innovation, designing and prototyping in the name of technology-driven entrepreneurship offering learners of all ages with an interactive and curriculum-based training program that focuses on developing practical skills and competency in STEM. Through a guided approach, The STEM CLUB encourages experiential learning, building knowledge and confidence in learners to develop tinkering skills such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and innovation.

Using powerful and intuitive Electronics, Robotics and Programming STEM kits, learners will be trained on industry-standard software and hardware and will master the skills and techniques needed to recreate real and innovative projects that are fun, inspiring, and educational

With STEM CLUB, learners will:

  1. Receive content that directly relates to and supports the theory and concepts learnt in the classroom, providing the opportunity to tinker and experience real-time, real-life projects that are guided for beginners and more complex, open-ended projects for advanced learners.
  2. Develop learning independence, exposing them to modern techniques and practices in the fields of Electronics, Electricity, Embedded Systems and Communication, including some of the latest and popular technologies in areas such as IoT, Android, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
  3. Develop a solid foundation and deeper understanding of practical STEM concepts.
  4. Become analytical thinkers and problem-solvers as future technicians, scientists, and engineers.
  5. Learn and perform with a competitive advantage over their peers in STEM fields.
  6. Interact and engage in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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